Six Common Errors That People Commit Following A Car Accident

10 Common Mistakes Made After an Auto Accident | Adam Kutner

You are driving down the highway while enjoying your favorite podcast in your car.  You were recently struck by another car. When your body is flooded with adrenaline and panic kicks in, it is simple to make serious errors that could end up costing you in the long run. Click on this Link to speak to a car accident attorney!

First Error: Failing to contact the police.

One of the biggest errors you can make after an accident is to do this. We have all had fender-bender situations where we did not want to call the police, but failing to do so could make submitting an insurance claim much more difficult. Both solicitors and insurance adjusters rely on the beneficial and reliable comments included in police reports to establish fault.

Second Error: Leaving the accident scene.

This is regrettably all too common in Indiana and can have serious repercussions. In addition to being illegal, leaving the scene of an automobile accident puts you at risk of being charged with hit-and-run, which carries heavy penalties like fines and even jail time.

Third Error: Acknowledging fault.

It is only normal to want to apologize to the other party, mainly if you genuinely believe that the accident was your fault. However, if you accept blame immediately, you might be held responsible for the other party’s property and physical harm. Do not acknowledge fault when you might not have to because accidents can happen so rapidly that the details are hazy until more information is acquired.

Fourth Error: Failing to seek medical attention.

This can be a risky decision following a car accident, especially if you might need to claim for physical injury later. Car accidents frequently result in discomfort or injuries that are not felt for several days following the collision. Two of the most frequent injuries from automobile accidents are head injuries and internal bleeding, which are frequently the most serious and call for quick medical attention. When it comes to being checked out, never delay.

Fifth Error: Speaking with insurance companies without representation.

Adjusters for insurance can be problematic. Like the police, insurance firms strongly believe that “Anything you say can and will be used against you.” Before talking with an experienced attorney, avoid disclosing any information to insurance companies other than the bare minimum.

Sixth Error: Accepting a settlement without seeking legal advice.

This is undoubtedly the largest error that auto accident victims may make. Insurance companies rarely make their best settlement offer to you immediately away. Insurance companies are far more likely to treat your case with the thoroughness and recompense you deserve when they realize you have formal legal representation, given the looming danger of a lawsuit and possibly court fees on the line.

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