Financial Planning Services – Be A Good Tax Planner

Our financial needs are multi-faceted. You need to save. You need to invest. Sometimes you need to do tax-efficient investment. You want to plan for the education of your child, for a home and sometimes for your retirement. If you are running a company then there is no dearth of need of financial consultancy regarding various issues. Now, all these cases need knowledge and a little expertise. For gaining that knowledge and expertise you can opt for a financial planning services firm.

A financial planning services firm is that firm which plan your finance by offering useful services. They offer  

Media Exposure/PR/Publicity Tips: What Is Your Unicorn Factor?

When it comes to landing media interest and exposure from writers, reporters, producers and bloggers nationally, don’t be like everyone else… literally.

I always tell my clients and folks I consult with:

“My media contacts aren’t looking for horses or even zebras, they are looking for UNICORNS – so, what is your Unicorn Factor?”

What makes your biz, product or expertise a unicorn in this horse and zebra world?

What makes it unique and therefore interesting and newsworthy to the media and customers?

Many top public relations agencies, media exposure specialists and publicists nationally have followed this philosophy successfully for  

A Latin Impact on the Finance Industry

Financial Institutions are a fantastic business model to learn from when considering ever changing market conditions. Their traditional target markets are stable, but, the needs of an emerging market, the Latino market is extremely underserved. It is certainly not for lack of money. Many Latinos have zero debt and healthy saving habits. The question arises, are financial institutions doing enough to serve this population? Are they adapting to the Latino needs? The answer is complicated.

There are two types of Latinos in the USA. One is the immigrant seeking a better life and wanting the American dream, whether they came  

Personal Finance and Investing 101: How to Create a SMART Financial Goal

In personal finance, investing should involve persistence and ample understanding of how money can be put to work and grow. However, it is also equally important to “know yourself” when it comes to putting your money in some form of investment.

Your success in investing will mainly depend on how well you know yourself as an investor. If you think you can’t succeed in investing, you are most probably correct. Only when you know, with conviction, your financial goals will you be able to determine how you will fare in the challenging world of investing.

Your financial goal

Perhaps the