Project Management Office Provides Better Marketing Results

Many people believe the rigor and discipline of project management mixes with the creative nature of marketing like oil and water. While it does takes some getting used to, once the routines are established, the relationship not only works, but the marketing effectiveness actually improves. The more marketing channels: TV, radio, print and digital media, and the greater the frequency of creative refresh, the larger the benefits become. In marketing, media, and advertising, a cookie-cutter approach to project management will not work. There has to be a better way!

Firms often implement a Program or Project Management Office (PMO) to  

Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Departure?

Ideally, if you’re going on a trip, you should purchase travel insurance right before you leave. However, it is perfectly understandable that for some people, this might not be that case. There are many travelers who ask whether they can purchase travel insurance after departure. This might happen when your travel insurance has run out because you have overstayed in a certain place, your policy has expired, or you just forgot to take out travel insurance.

If you’re already abroad and you decide to buy insurance, you can still get coverage. Look for a reputable insurance company that offers an  

Why Penny Stocks Are a Good Investment During a Recession

We are witnessing a global financial crisis. Stock brokers are experiencing a living nightmare; somewhere God has let loose the Raging Bull to jeopardize global economy. You are witnessing the rise and fall of a great many companies, during this depressing recession. You look a little below the radar, you observe the little companies squirming for a space to exist and curiously enough they are surviving. You observe the market flooded with penny stocks and it strikes why and from where these companies are getting the steam to brave the recession. In these difficult times, as the prices of things  

The Stock Market Trend is Everything

What does “the trend is your friend” mean? We all probably know what this means intellectually, but how many of us actually follow it in our real lives?


For those who haven’t heard this phrase, I’ll explain. When investing, or for that matter when studying almost anything in life, there is almost always a flow or general movement to how things work.


The general trend in the workplace is, the more experience one has the more one understands and the more money one earns. Hopefully.


The old general theme in American stocks was that everything goes up: