Good Stock Tip – Is It All You Need To Make Money in the Stock Market?

What is a “Good Stock Tip”?

Does this question seem like a no-brainer to you? Of course, it’s one that makes you a lot of money, right? But, does everyone make a lot of money with a good stock tip? The answer is, “Absolutely NOT!” In fact, I know people who have actually lost money on a good stock tip! How can this happen? This can happen because a stock tip is only as good as your ability to use it. What do I mean by this? You must have a plan! It is important that you have a personal  

Overusing Your Health Insurance

When reviewing health plans and evaluating cost, keep in mind health insurance wasn’t designed to cover every penny related to health care.

Everything under the sun on an open credit card is nice, but not when you are paying the bill. But you are.

The purpose of insurance is to cover sudden very expensive losses. It’s about making you whole again and not have the financial responsibility of a ton of money to do it. Somehow we all decided over the last 60 years that the traditional plan should pay for everything.

Health insurance is the only insurance product, for  

Teenage Auto Insurance – How to Get Cheap Teen Car Insurance Quotes

Nowadays, statistics on teenage drivers doesn’t look too good. Those who are still minors (16 year olds) get into accidents six times more than drivers who are between the ages of 30 and 59. This is the very reason why teenage auto insurance is very expensive.

The good news is not all car insurance companies generalize on this data and expect the same outcome from all young drivers. In fact, there are insurance companies that provide parents of teenagers with teenage auto insurance that help them cut costs.

The only thing they have to remember is that the higher the  

11 Common Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

How often are you faced with challenges? Getting up on time can be a challenge. Maintain the family, house and dog can be just as challenging with all the other 20 things on the daily to do list. Let’s toss in running a business, are you really up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur?

We all define success differently; oddly enough there is no right or wrong answer to your definition. Although we all set measureable goals in business, there are a few common characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. You may be