A Surefire Way To Get Your Company In The News

Write your own article.

Okay, that might sound a bit too easy. Yet with the possible exception of public speaking, nothing establishes your business credibility like penning an article with your name and company in the byline. Yet even with all the content-starved publications out there, very few businesses take advantage of this golden opportunity.

The answer why is quite simple: most businesses, large or small, don’t consider it as an option. Interesting because most companies won’t think twice about putting out a press release. Even if a publication does a feature based on your release, you’re at the mercy  

Busyness is Not Good Business!

The following conversation took place recently between the Customer Service Manager of a mid-sized manufacturer and a consultant.

Customer Service Manager: I have 2 poor performers, Barry and Mary.

Consultant: How are you handling them?

CSM: Well, all of our big customers are assigned to our good people and we handle all their calls. We route the calls from the small customers to Barry and Mary.

Cons: What’s the reason for doing that? (My thought: They can’t do too much damage?)

CSM: Oh! So they’ll stay busy! I want them to stay busy.

Cons: Who are some of the small

5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That Today’s Business Owners Must Avoid

If you are a business owner and have plans to start a digital marketing campaign, make sure you avoid making some common mistakes. First of all, knowing the fact that digital marketing is not a simple task is important. Since it involves a lot of things like paid advertising, content marketing and SEO, making mistakes is quite common. This article discusses some common mistakes that you must avoid making if you want to make your campaigns be successful. Read on.

1. Not having Realistic Goals

If you don’t have a focused digital marking plan, you can’t create an effective marketing  

Your Business Culture – Does It Include Emergency Preparedness?

It’s May, officially “Small Business Month” for 2014. The month kicks off with some good news: ADP reported that small businesses added 82,000 jobs in April. And NFIP, the National Federation of Independent Business, reports that its Optimism Index reached 95, a level not seen since October 2007.

Good news offset by grim realities

This good news is dimmed by continuing reports of natural disasters impacting business owners across the country: wildfires in southern California, severe storms in the central states, and the east coast hurricane season just around the corner. And as I write this, I’m aware that s