Easy Ways to Find Car Insurance Reviews For a Driver

Nearly everyone who has a car wants to be conscious of automobile insurance. Drivers ought to look for the best car insurance reviews. As a source of assistance to consumers, there are a great deal of insurance company reviews online, in print, and also in other media.

Common car insurance reviews will come to light in droves in consequence of initial on the Net research, in addition to insurance company reviews that are relevant to other kinds of insurance unconnected to what you are in search of. Look first on car insurance reviews, but do not overlook the sites connecting  

Who Decides Good Customer Service?

“Hey, Joe, your service stinks. Get this kid a chocolate milkshake.”

Those are the words I heard as a kid on my first trip to an ice cream parlor near where my grandmother lived. Back then, there were no special people or computer programs needed to determine whether or not a business provided excellent customer service. Customers were ready, willing and able to tell you when things did not measure up to their satisfaction.

Today, businesses large and small use “experts” to tell them if they are conducting business the way they should.

Sometimes those experts are the accountants who  

Social Media Marketing – Get New Customers From Social Networking Sites

As a small business owner, your job is to get as many customers as possible. Social networking is a big part of this. This is where you meet as many different people as possible, pass out business cards, and spread the news that you are open for business and you’re ready to accept new customers. But you can only meet so many people and you can only hand out so many business cards.

Advertising on Social Media Sites

Another way you can advertise your business is to utilize the ever growing social media phenomenon. Social media marketing is the best  

I Stack Silver: The News Is A Lie

I Stack Silver Because The News Is A Lie

I stack silver because it is common sense. A person would have to live in a bubble to ignore the events we see and hear every day. I have learned that mainstream news is nothing but propaganda. A person only has to observe the way different news channels report the same story. If you watch a news report on one news channel it is completely different from what is reported on another channel. What I have found is that news channels are like listening to a radio station for music. We