January 28, 2023

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Your Assignment Is Not Your Decision But Your Discovery

A book I own called “The Assignment” written by Mike Murdock discusses the concept that your purpose in life is not your decision to make but simply your discovery. The more I think about this the more the concept overwhelms me. What this says is we do not have to worry about trying to decide what we are to do, we simply discover God’s will as we progress in life.

We discover God’s plan for our life over time. Until we have the answers we just trust, wait, and obey God. God has it all figured out, we don’t have to figure it out. The doors begin to open and the grace and mercy of God surrounds our life as we discover His plan and not decide what His plan is. The other way God can work is by keeping doors closed or not opening them in the first place, thereby providing us security and protection from unknown dangers, emotional pain and heartache.

If we can find the flow to life things become much easier. There is a place in God that if we can get to there is peace and assurance that everything is going to be all-right. No more fretting, His perfect will finds us. We don’t have to fret or worry, contemplate, ponder or consider. We simply let go and let God. We take one step at a time and watch as God’s plan for our life unfolds.

God does in fact have a wonderful plan for everyone. Let there be no mistake about. He didn’t create anyone with the intentions of seeing them having a miserable life. God so much desires to see us prosper and do well in life. But how He reveals His plan is often in increments. One piece at a time. In time the puzzle begins to take form. We don’t have to hunt for the pieces of the puzzle. God gives us one piece at at time… one piece at a time