March 26, 2023

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Why is the Earth Socialist Website Web-site still blacklisted on the Reddit r/coronavirus and r/politics message boards?

Articles from the Planet Socialist Internet Website remains blacklisted and blocked from currently being shared on some of the most well known discussion boards on the social news aggregation web page Reddit.

Amid the Reddit forums—known as subreddits—that have banned the submitting of posting hyperlinks from are r/coronavirus with 2.4 million associates and r/politics with 7.6 million members.

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Content moderators of these subreddits have blacklisted the Entire world Socialist Web Web site with no explanation and refused to answer to several WSWS exposures of the ban as political censorship and the demand from customers that it be lifted.

Any attempt to article article content from the WSWS on the r/coronavirus subreddit returns the next concept:

“Your submission has been quickly taken off since the joined source may not be responsible or could be dedicated mainly to political coverage. If feasible, make sure you re-submit with a link to a reputable or non-political supply, this sort of as a reliable information group or an [sic] acknowledged institution.”

In the initially spot, the argument that only one-way links from a “non-political source” are permitted is entirely illegitimate given that hyperlinks shared freely from the capitalist media such as the Washington Submit, New York Times and Wall Avenue Journal on the discussion board are in fact “dedicated mainly to political coverage.” The genuine intent of this language from Reddit moderators is McCarthyism—i.e., banning of still left-wing and socialist suggestions from currently being shared and talked about on the subreddit.