January 28, 2023

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Kids Party Games – Great Ideas For A Great Party

Are you wondering what kind of kids party games to hold for your child’s next birthday? The games are going to depend on the theme of the party, the age group of your child and his/her friends, and the time of the year. There are HUNDREDS of games to choose from — here are a few good ideas to help you out!

Games For Indoor Parties

When the weather is bad, or if it’s simply too hot or too cold to hold a party outside, then an indoor party is in order. But that’s okay — there are lots of games out there that can make indoor kiddie parties just as enjoyable as their outdoor counterparts.

For instance, there’s the timeless Twister — it’s great for all ages, and even the parents can join in and have a few laughs. Other kids party games ideas include Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, and the Ha Ha game. Older kids and teens might like quieter, more intriguing games, such as Truth Or Dare.

Games For Outdoor Parties

If the weather is good, then by all means, hold the party outdoors! It’s a great opportunity to have some fun, sun, and fresh air. And running after the kids will mean some good exercise for the parents and other adults, too!

Popular outdoor kids party games include the perennial sack race — if there are a LOT of kids, you can pair them up! You can also get the parents into the game with a three-legged race. Treasure hunt games are also great for pirate-themed parties, or when your child’s birthday falls close to Easter.

An outdoor party will also let you have attractions such as carousels, pony rides, and petting zoos. On a hot day, you can have a pool party, waterslides on the lawn, and even a “foam bubble” area where the kids can cool down and have fun. These aren’t games per se, but are still guaranteed to keep the kids occupied for hours.

Games Or Shows? Why Not Both?

Sometimes, the best children’s party games aren’t games at all. You can have shows and other attractions instead! You can have face painters, magicians, and balloon artists going around and giving everyone a good time.

Now if planning a kid’s party sounds like a lot of work for you, that’s because it is. That’s why our next piece of advice is to find an experienced, passionate professional to help you out. It’s always, always a good idea to enlist the help of someone who entertains at children’s parties for a living!

So if you’re wondering what kids party games to hold at your child’s next party, have an expert help you. They can give you great ideas and great deals, and they can take care of the whole party from start to finish. That way you can focus on enjoying the party with your child — and that’s what’s most important.