May 26, 2022

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A single Piece Gets an Around-the-Prime JoJo Makeover

The globe of One Piece is presently in the throes of its Wano Arc, as the Straw Hat Pirates are struggling with down the insane menace that is Kaido and his Beast Pirates, and one particular enthusiast of the Shonen series has imagined what some of the biggest players of this arc could possibly look like with a makeover from JoJo’s Bizarre Journey. The two anime franchises are very easily some of the biggest within just the medium of anime over-all, but glimpse distinctly different from a single a different thanks to the creative skills of Hirohiko Araki and Eiichiro Oda respectively.

Just one Piece’s anime differs from JoJo’s Strange Adventure-based mostly not just on its animation, but also on its release schedule, as Toei Animation will launch the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates on a weekly basis even though David Creation will acquire some time concerning just about every season that follows the peculiar adventures of the Joestars. Luckily for supporters of the latter, the subsequent phase of the collection, Stone Ocean, is set to get there in the long term, adhering to the tale of the initially woman protagonist of the anime in Jolyne Cujoh. While it has not been verified if David Production is returning once again to handle this impending period, enthusiasts will be psyched to abide by the daughter of Jotaro and her Stand, Stone Free of charge, regardless.

Reddit Artist Joel Jolion shared this new acquire on Monkey D. Luffy, Child, and Trafalgar Legislation, re-imagining these 3 pirates of the Worst Era as if they ended up drawn by Hirohiko Araki relatively than Eiichiro Oda, which provides them a decidedly distinct physical appearance:

Eiichiro Oda has not been shy about the concept that his long-managing tale pursuing Luffy in his objective to grow to be the new king of the pirates will be reaching its finish in the subsequent 5 a long time, and even though the same isn’t really explained about Hirohiko Araki’s series, many believe that that JoJolion may well be the last entry in the franchise. There has never ever been an official crossover between the two anime franchises, but it would definitely be one particular of the weirdest in heritage.

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