October 20, 2021

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17 Movies & TV Shows People Want To Put Out Of Their Misery FandomWire

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Movies & TV Shows are very important in our life. Also, they are the things keeping us sane, especially during these tough and hopeless times of the ongoing pandemic. Moreover, we love watching these Movies & TV Shows and we want to continue watching them to keep us engaged and entertained. However, there are some Movies & TV Shows that are going on and on for so long, without any relevant plot that we just wish for it to end. Also, whenever we switch on our TV and see that more installments of these shows or movies are coming, we wonder what more is left now.

Reddit user u/binkabonka asked the question, “What franchise was milked/is being milked too much?” The Redditors did not hold back. Therefore, here is a list of 17 Movies & TV Shows people want to put out of their misery.

1. The Walking Dead: “That show has run its course; let it die already.” —u/beardmat87

The Walking Dead.

2. The Terminator: “A franchise almost 40 years old, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is in damn near all of them. And after all that time, they STILL haven’t shown how the war ends!” —u/82ndGameHead

3. Ice Age: “The first one was a classic, but after that…” —u/Silver_wolf_76

3. Ice Age:
Ice Age.

4. Sharknado: “It was funny the first time, but I was horrified to learn they made six.” —u/GravenSpirit

4. Sharknado:

5. The Voice: “They’ve had like 40 seasons now and not one successful winner.” —u/ghostfaceinspace

5. The Voice:
The Voice.

6. Grey’s Anatomy: “I watched the first seven seasons. After that, I felt like I’d seen all I needed to see to ‘get it.’” —u/RealHousevibes

7. The Simpsons: “It’s clawing at its life support machine, begging to be put out of its misery.” —u/neevel-knievel

7. The Simpsons:
The Simpsons.

8. Law & Order: Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Trial by JuryLaw & Order: LALaw & Order True Crime, and Law & Order: Organized Crime…I’m starting to think the 2001 Saturday Night Live skit ‘Law & Order: Parking Violations Unit’ wasn’t a skit so much as a trial balloon.” —u/que_he_hecho

8. Law & Order: 
Law & Order.

9. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: “And multiple spinoffs. Why so many shows about people trying to hook up? That’s a Saturday night!” —u/KnotKarma

10. Fast & Furious: “Do we really need almost a dozen movies?” —u/Blue_Dog_Democracy

10. Fast & Furious: 
Fast & Furious.

11. Despicable Me/Minions: “That’s been milked like hell since 2010. I think it’s still being pumped out, but those yellow Tic Tacs curdled years ago.” —u/MenschIsBritish69420

11. Despicable Me/Minions: 
Despicable Me/Minions.
12. The Purge: —u/intotheeast
The Purge.

13. The Fairly Oddparents: “Nickelodeon needs to leave The Fairly Oddparents ALONE.” —u/Fiftywords4murder

13. The Fairly Oddparents: 
The Fairly Oddparents.

14. 13 Reasons Why: “I liked the first season, drama and all included but the show just went downhill from season 2.” u/war_goddess699

14. 13 Reasons Why: 
13 Reasons Why.

15. The Kissing Booth: u/vivivi88

15. The Kissing Booth: —u/vivivi88
The Kissing Booth.

16. The Land Before Time: “Want something to binge? The Land Before Time has 14 movies.” —u/sonicx3087

16. The Land Before Time: 
The Land Before Time.

17. SpongeBob SquarePants: “Stephen Hillenburg wanted no spinoffs and did his best to steer the ship of his creation in his later years. Now there are two spinoffs (both are BAD), and Nickelodeon has no plans on stopping, with no creator to tell them no.” —u/Score_Magala

17. SpongeBob SquarePants:
SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Movies & TV Shows are going on for a long time. However, they are now on their millionth installment and people just want them to be put out of their misery.